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All the news about our wine estate

Hard Rock Collector’s Edition

« The 2018 Will Rock You Hard » At Château Fleur Cardinale, the character of our wine is all about contrast. Each vintage offers naturally powerful and generous wines that are counterbalanced by fine, elegant tannins; and while the mouth-feel is suave and velvety, the palate is underpinned by lovely freshness. It is in this […]


A new cellar soon

“When we arrived in 2001, we received a wonderful welcome from the profession. Some winemakers have generously shared their know-how and have strengthened our passion for this activity. We believe that it is now our time to share our knowledge, by opening the doors of our family estate to wine lovers from all over the […]


Fleur Cardinale 2017, an apart vintage

April 2018 – A very limited production, an exceptional format, an atypical blend: here is why Château Fleur Cardinale 2017 will be an apart vintage // The first wine will come from only 8 barrels, and the final blend will be atypical The picture above shows the whole production of Château Fleur Cardinale 2017. In […]


A partnership with “PLOC” app

March 2018 – We initiated a partnership with “PLOC”, a 100% French app for wine lovers. Here is the story of this collaboration and what this application is about // The creators, “La Bande à PLOC”, are lovers of wine and life It all started during a tasting in the North of France, during which […]


Limited edition by Jean-Michel Tixier

July 2017 – We’ve been very glad to work with the French illustrator Jean-Michel Tixier, thanks to Junart company, to realize a limited edition of the label of Château Château Fleur Cardinale 2015 // Jean-Michel Tixier and the clear line The work of Jean-Michel Tixier is noticed around the world. The humor and irony he […]