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Wine Tourism

Future place of Experiences

Do you want to come visit us ? So do we ! But for that, we will have to wait a little while...

The first stone of the new cellars was laid in May 2019 and we should be able to welcome you mid-June of 2021.

Thanks to several acquisitions of neighbouring plots, it was necessary to extend our cellar to adapt the production tools to the size of the property and to work in a more ergonomic way. The vat room has therefore been renovated, the barrel cellar is being extended. Mirroring the spirit of the initial project, the cellar extension is made up of traditional and natural materials so as to merge harmoniously into the Saint-Emilion landscape.

While the surface area of the building floor has been increased, the greatest part of the extension is the creation of an upper floor which will incorporate spaces devoted to wine tourism and a landscaped terrace offering you a view over our vines. We will now be able to have you all. The key word of that project being the welcome, everything is planned so that everyone feel “like at home“. We want to keep our family spirit and will passionately share our passion.

For an even more responsible wine tourism, we are engaged in ensuring that all the furniture, decoration and the building are 100% French.

Discover below our project in pictures.

Progress: 95% Avancée du projet : 95%


Between the two barrel cellars, visitors will make their way towards the vines via a corridor in which they can soak up the contrasting atmospheres of the vineyard according to each season. From birdsong in the spring to the clicking of secateurs in the cold of winter, the accompanying sounds echo the textures and colours of the vegetal ceiling. A universal sensory experience designed to break down the barriers of language, age and disability.


Our vats has just been replaced with 17 tronco-conical stainless steel vats with temperature-control from top to bottom, enabling greater precision in the management of temperatures and offering various extraction options during vinification. With wide walkways built over the tops of the vats, more comfortable working conditions will be enjoyed. And the double walled exterior of the vats will lead to higher efficiency in terms of energy-saving.


This staircase, which will connect the different work areas and the wine tour circuit, has been designed as the spine of the building. It is a reference point marking space, a sculpture bringing form to the space and giving rhythm as we move from one space to another. Inspired by Saracen vault staircases, its structure will be in concrete, completed with wood. It will serve as a bridge on the upper floor between the work spaces and the areas reserved for tasting and contemplation. At the foot of the stairs, a glass floor will allow visitors a glimpse of the historic vintages of Fleur Cardinale bottles ageing below.

beautiful reception areas

On the upper floor, the two reception rooms and their adjoining tasting rooms, which are set within the main building and completely built in glass, will look out over the vines. These rooms have been designed to allow visitors to circulate at will, sit down around a large table, stand at a counter or sink lazily down into an armchair. Whether for purposes of receiving wine professionals, private seminars or welcoming the general public, our wish is for everybody to let themselves be guided by the poetry of the place and feel at home.

A warm atmosphere

Here’s an overview of the colors and textures that will cover the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture of our future cellar. Tiphaine and Peggy, from the Bordeaux space design agency Au Long Cours, have been helping us on this project since the beginning. They’ve chosen hues and materials which remind of clay, limestone, nature, plants. A warm terracotta red energizes the different spaces with character and refinement.

A panoramic TERRACE

The rooms on the upper floor will also open out onto a garden with a view over the vines. This space is in harmony with its natural surroundings and invites visitors to chill out and contemplate for a while.