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We place the Human being at the heart of our activity

For a long time now, we’ve been of the conviction that we should care for Nature as much as we do for People.


In 2021, Château Fleur Cardinale is the first classified growth of Bordeaux to obtain the label Engagé R.S.E. (Corporate Social Responsibility), issued by AFNOR. We have obtained the “Confirmed” level of certification. The evaluation report is available here. This label is based on the ISO 26 000 standard, and is valid for 3 years.

The R.S.E. commits us as a responsible company, willing to be economically viable, to have a positive impact on society, to respect the environment, and finally to work ethically and transparently with those we come into contact with in the course of our activities (suppliers, internal team, customers, local actors).

Our ethical charter includes all these commitments.


We are very attentive to the health and quality of life of our employees. We are committed to ensuring that everyone works in good conditions, both in the vineyard and in the winery, and that everyone lives in environments that are clean, safe and ergonomic. Everyone has access to quality equipment that improves working comfort and reduces risks.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can follow professional training to acquire complementary skills.

Finally, we make sure that the whole team works in a good mood, through moments of sharing conducive to team cohesion.


No discriminatory distinction is done when hiring new employees, whether related to gender, age, or the origin of the candidates. We give priority to internal promotions before considering hiring new employees.

As far as possible, we favour the hiring of interns and/or professionalization contracts within our estate, both in the vineyard and in sales.


Through our Supplier Charter, we want to work with quality suppliers who are committed to respecting environmental and/or social initiatives.

In addition, as far as possible, we choose to work with French and local suppliers and service providers. In that way, we reduce gas emissions due to transport and participate in local economic development.

Therefore, 99% of our suppliers are French.

76% of our suppliers are from the New-Aquitaine region, at an average distance of 40 kilometres, and 1 in 3 suppliers is located in the Gironde region.


Whether they are importers or distributors, we are keen to meet those who distribute our wines. These meetings are organised by the wine merchants with whom we work and with whom we maintain special relationships.

We also make a special effort to meet people who buy and drink our wines. We participate in trade fairs, tastings. We are also actively present on social networks and we answer directly to each person.


Thanks to the great ageing potential of our wines, you may keep your bottles of Château Fleur Cardinale for several decades in your cellar. We offer to our professional and private customers the ability to recork your oldest bottles (20 year old vintages and older, only the ones produced by the Decoster family). Please ask for a quotation using the form on our Contact page.