In 2024, Château Fleur Cardinale and Château Croix Cardinale were brought together under the name La Maison Cardinale

Team - Château Fleur Cardinale
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A human size estate

Our wines would not be what they are today without each of our team members’ expertise and daily commitment. Beyond our terroir’s exceptional diversity, it is their experience and knowledge that enables us to continue developing all the potential of our wines, vintage after vintage.


Florence Decoster has been the owner of Château Fleur Cardinale since 2001.
When she’s not welcoming guests at the Chateau, she enjoys painting, golfing and listening to Erik Satie and Goldberg Variations.


Dominique Decoster is the owner of Château Fleur Cardinale.
When he’s not deciding the future of the estate, he likes to walk daily in his vineyards, of which he knows every foot, to practice yoga nidra and to collect primitive art.


Ludovic Decoster joined the estate in 2015 and now holds the position of General Manager.
When he’s not making the blends with our oenologist, he likes to complete his personal cellar with wines out of Bordeaux, to explore the seabed, and to go for a walk in the vineyards with his dog Looping.


Caroline Decoster has been the Commercial & Marketing manager since 2012.
When she’s not on the other side of the world promoting the wines of the estate, she likes boxing and playing rock music on bass guitar.


Ludivine Chagnon joined the team in September 2023 as Technical Director of Château Fleur Cardinale and Château Croix Cardinale. When she’s not tasting lots at the barrel, she enjoys training for triathlons, dancing and writing novels.


Sophie Prigent has been our accountant since 1996.
When she doesn’t answer the phone, she enjoys reading historical novels, including the biographies of Women and Men who made History.


Jeanne Durgel has been a sales management assistant since 2023.
When she’s not organising sales tours, she enjoys cooking, watching documentaries and discovering wines from all over the world.


Lise Grillot has been Hospitality Manager since 2021.
When she’s not in the winery welcoming you, she likes to cook (especially pastries), wonder about science, and walk in parks.


Margot Mansuy has been Hospitality Ambassador since 2021.
When she is not tasting our wines, she enjoys bird watching, watching documentaries on history and drinking Champagne.


Marie Dumazeaud has been Hospitality Ambassador since 2023.
When she’s not showing you around the estate, she enjoys reading, traveling through the vineyards and creating/discovering new recipes.


Julie Ripert has been QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) Manager since 2021.
When she’s not writing our safety procedures, she enjoys going to concerts, sewing and sharing good meals with friends.



Olivier Laroumagne has been working as a tractor driver and a team manager since 1999.
When he’s not on the tractor working the soil, he likes to tinker, to go for long forest walks, and to take time to listen to the life stories of the elderly.


Julien Cadel joined the team as a tractor driver in 2012. He has been cellar assistant since 2021.
When he’s not doing the topping-up of the barrels in the cellars, he likes to hang out in bric-a-brac shops, looking for objects with stories to tell, and to organize Sunday family lunches.


Sabrina Chauveau joined the team in 2018 as a wine worker. She has been a team animator since 2021.
When she’ s not in the vineyard, she likes to watch motor sports, listen to music, sing and dance with her two daughters.


Christophe Prigent has been a tractor driver since 2023.
When he’s not hilling up the vineyard, he likes to sit by a pond and do some no-kill fishing, takea walk in the woods and play a game of bocce.


Cyril Betriu has been working as a tractor driver since 2021.
When he is not sowing our winter cover in our vineyards, he enjoys no-kill carp fishing, watching the European football championships, and playing poker with friends.


Jérémy Puisarnaud has been a tractor driver since 2023.
When he’s not looking after the vines, he likes to spend time with his dogs, keep up with sporting events and spending time with his friends.


Philippe Tailledet has been a service and maintenance agent since 2023.
When he’s not taking care of our outdoors, he enjoys tinkering, reading and watching documentaries about the Second World War, and looking after his koi carps.


When he’s not being Château Fleur Cardinale’s mascot, Looping enjoys running through the vineyards, cuddling visitors and diving into ponds.