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Winery working

Vintage after vintage, the philosophy behind our work remains the same: to ensure that each grape remains whole and healthy from vine to vat, and preserve their intrinsic fruitiness from vine to barrel.


The grapes from each plot are put into different vats to be fermented separately based on the soil surveys and nature of the vines. The vats are then maintained at a temperature of 5°C for 4 to 5 days for the first cold maceration, followed by the alcoholic fermentation for 7 to 10 days and then warm maceration for around 10 days. “Pumping over” is performed by gravity, preventing the must from being “chewed” and avoiding stress on the yeast.


The wine is aged for 12 to 14 months in a barrel cellar built with neutral materials to prevent any negative effects from odours. We work with 7 different cooperages who provide us with new French oak barrels from the forests of Bercé-Jupilles (Sarthe), Bertranges (Burgundy) and Tronçay (Allier). Each batch, with its unique combination of grape variety and soil type, is associated with a specific barrel-making style.

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