As of January 2024, La Maison Cardinale will be the new corporate mother of all our activities. On an institutional level, it embodies our mission: to restore a “cardinal ” dimension to the great wines of Bordeaux: putting emotion at the heart of excellence.

An iconic brand identity

The La Maison Cardinale logo, adorned with a red symbol, stands for complementarity, open-mindedness and the beginnings of stories. The main goal is to maintain multi-generational interest in the French art of living, starting with the great wines of Bordeaux, whilst leaving the door open to future creative expression.

Our Vineyard Vision: “AS CLOSE AS WE CAN GET TO OUR LAND”.

From the 2023 vintage onwards, La Maison Cardinale Vignobles will bring together our two winegrowing estates, Château Fleur Cardinale et Château Croix Cardinale, planted on opposite sides of the same limestone plateau. The new vineyard vision, ” AS CLOSE AS WE CAN GET TO OUR LAND “, favors a unique terroir approach, reflecting the essence of the place where the wines are born.

Graphic design developments and label duplicity

The 2024 vintage brings a number of design improvements to the labels, reflecting a duality between modernity and tradition. Château Fleur Cardinale and Château Croix Cardinale respectively embody the family and the history of the site, adding a complementary dimension to the overall brand image.

New Range from 2023 Vintage

From the 2023 vintage onwards, our new range will comprise 6 wines, where authenticity is the hallmark. Three first wines include Château Fleur Cardinale, Fleur Cardinale blanc, and Château Croix Cardinale. The three second wines include Intuition de Fleur Cardinale, Intuition de Fleur Cardinale blanc, and Révélation de Croix Cardinale.


La Maison Cardinale Expériences

Maison Cardinale Expériences will cover all tourist activities, including tours, workshops, seminars and cultural events throughout the year.


La Maison Cardinale is committed to remaining “ever closer to your emotions,” a promise that guides its evolution and growing influence in the prestigious world of Bordeaux fine wines.

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