A partnership with “PLOC” app

March 2018 – We initiated a partnership with “PLOC”, a 100% French app for wine lovers. Here is the story of this collaboration and what this application is about //

The creators, “La Bande à PLOC”,
are lovers of wine and life

It all started during a tasting in the North of France, during which I meet a very nice group of friends: I made them taste Château Fleur Cardinale, we chatted, and finally I leeft them a bottle at the end of the tasting. Which is normal life.

La Bande A PLOC

La Bande à PLOC

A few months later, the team contacted me to talk about an application project for smartphones.

I must admit that we are quite busy with various innovative projects, and that it is difficult for us to say yes to everything. But for once, this application project, called PLOC, caught my attention.

First of all because its creators – “La Bande à PLOC” – wish to address all “lovers of wine and life“. And in general, if you start talking to me like this, it’s hard for me to refuse to listen…


Le logo de PLOC

All joking aside, this app immediately reminded me of many of my friends who appreciate wine, but who are not professionals like us:

  • Most of them are struggling to find the words to describe the wines they like. Some already use an application to find the wine they have drunk, and note it, for example 4 out of 5 stars if they enjoyed… to figure out later that they scored 4 stars a slew of wines, but without remembering the specificity of this or that wine. In general, the field “Comment tasting” is empty … because how to write something it if you do not know how to describe the wine?
  • These same friends sometimes have some bottles in the cellar, and do not really know how to handle them. And they do not necessarily want to multiply applications to manage both their tastings and their cellar.

PLOC is a fun wine app,
with many features!

That’s why PLOC seemed interesting to me. Because the application – free – offers the possibility of:

  • Easily find your wines, thanks to the Observintoire.
  • Organize your cellar, by quickly drawing it, and by following the purchases and tastings and consumptions.
  • Tasting wines by memorizing tasting impressions and emotions in an easy and fun way.

PLOC - Iluustration - © PLOC

Users of Vivino, CellarTracker or OpenCellar
can import their wines

The users of these platforms can be reassured: PLOC makes it possible to convert your existing data thanks to ImPLOCation function. Similarly, those who have their cellar on Excel can directly import it in the interface with this tool.

Château Fleur Cardinale
becomes “PLOCursor” of the project

With its readable and playful design, PLOC is terribly refreshing in the very academic world of wine. Moreover, PLOC has the merit of being at the initiative of young French entrepreneurs – “Cocorico! “.

For all these reasons, we decided to become “PLOCursors” by participating in the development of this young company. The application is already available in the AppStore and will arrive in September on Android. Discover it quickly here and join the fledgling PLOC ‘♥ community.

Signed: a lover of wine and life


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