Artistic collaboration

Quand le slam s'invite dans les chais de Fleur Cardinale

We’ve been working for the past few weeks with Souleymane DiamankaFranco-Senegalese slam poet from Bordeaux, and passionate about words.

Souleymane Diamanka,
a sensitive and generous slam poet

Souleymane Diamanka – Photo © Isabelle Dohin

We had an artistic love at first sight with Souleymane. He’s a talented artist who performs his texts with sensitivity on international stages, and shares his art of orality with generosity and humanity. His poetry, heritage of his Peul ancestors, opens up to the world, in a great balance of rhythm and melody. Mixing genres and cultures, Souleymane transcends the verb with his warm and deep voice in each of his pieces, where emotion and technique subtly harmonize.

A poem on our life of winemakers,
created during the lockdown

For our artistic collaboration, Souleymane talks about our life of winemakers, made of endless uncertainties and hopes, in a poetic way.

We wanted to work on that idea at the end of 2019, but the collaboration really started last March… just before lockdown. Souleymane and Caroline just had several long phone calls to work on the project.

The shooting took place that week at Chateau Fleur Cardinale.

Souleymane Diamanka on the vat room of Château Fleur Cardinale – Photo © Isabelle Dohin


The slam (in French) will be revealed in sound and image in few weeks, but here is a short extract:

Être vigneron c’est adopter une attitude humble – Being a winemaker is adopting a humble attidude
Prendre l’habitude de s’adapter – and getting into the habit of adapting
Avant que la structure d’un vin ne soit noble – Before the structure of a wine is noble
Il y a tant de subtilités à capter – There are so many fine details to catch

The artistic collaboration will be revealed next June.

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