Intuition de Fleur Cardinale blanc 2023


“Because an Intuition is the beginning of a greater project”.
Intuition de Fleur Cardinale blanc, a white Bordeaux, is a fine introduction to the world of its elder brother, Fleur Cardinale blanc, of which it is the second blend.


Surface area: 2.4 hectares in production
Soil: deep clay / northern slopes of the Saint-Etienne-de-Lisse limestone plateau
Third year of conversion to organic farming

Technical sheet

2023 potential blend: 45% Sauvignon Blanc, 39% Sémillon, 16% Sauvignon Gris
Potential degree: 12.6% vol.
Potential pH: 3.2

Fleur Cardinale Blanc (Bordeaux): 3,500 potential bottles
Intuition de Fleur Cardinale Blanc (Bordeaux): 9,000 potential bottles

Climatology of the vintage

The winter of 2023 saw a period of cool weeks, with little rain from mid-January onwards. The buds gently burst at the end of March without any real fear of the frost, which was short and early. In spring, the vines exploded into life. Warmth, rain and mild nights gave way to magnificient flowering and wild growth, creating the right conditions for the plant kingdom to express itself (including fungi). The weather conditions at the beginning of the summer allowed good vegetative growth of the berries.

Harvest conditions

The end of the summer was favourable to the ripening of the grapes, with drier, sunnier weather and a significant contrast in daytime and night-time temperatures. The aromas developed and the tannins refined. As the harvest approached, we paid particular attention to the ripening of the grapes.

Harvest dates: 25 August- 12 September 2023
Yield: 42 hL / ha

Vinification and ageing

We press the bunches whole to preserve their unique aromas, then vinify them in 20 hl stainless steel barrels and vats, which are monitored to ensure optimum quality.

For Fleur Cardinale Blanc, the wine is aged on its lees for 8 to 9 months, with stirring of the lees.

Tasting comment

The nose of Intuition develops aromas of pear, followed by particularly aerial scents of acacia flower. On the palate, this fresh wine is distinguished by notes of green mango, acid drops and citrus zest. The finish leaves a savoury, sapid bouquet on the tongue.

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